Monday, October 16, 2017

I Woke Up Naked

I watched some college football on Saturday evening and in the process consumed a quantity of beer that produced a slight headache Sunday morning.  But when I woke up, one thing was for sure, my underwear had disappeared during the night.  Now I know, some people prefer to sleep nude, and I trust that there are health benefits to that particular choice.  But, when I end up naked, my balls seem to flop around.
Anyway, I was tickled with myself, reached over and grabbed my phone and took a picture.  Thankfully, my wife was already up and had the coffee going.  I needed it.

Yea, I guess I don;t win the John Holmes award for penis size.  But it works.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Thick Skin Required

A reader here sent me a link to a few stories on Literotica, the old BBS style page that has been around forever, and for some stupid reason, I thought it would be fun to post, The Veronica Story there.  Well, I've certainly never been mistaken for some sort of skilled writer or anything, but I feel like I can at least get my point across.

A few of the comments left by people were stupidly brutal.  And I laughed.  I have the option to moderate and simply delete the trolls but I choose not to.  It was like when we had the troll who would visit this page.  I found the comments entertaining, simply because they were so juvenile.

I know, you could ask, where do I get the time to write all this stuff here, because Lord knows, I don't have the time.  But seriously, do people actually spend significant amounts of time reading an amateur erotica page looking to come up with the best zinger they can deliver?  Cuck!  Oh, you got me, bro. Faggot! Wait, it is a story about a guy falling in love with a woman.

Anyway, I do get a chuckle from it all.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Showers and Other Memories...

For some reason I keep thinking about my time in the military - all the simple, very innocent flirtatious encounters with my female co-workers that today would result in full-blown investigations and unit training. The thing is, by society's standard, with the explosion of cell phone cameras and digital pictures, any person can take a nude photo and send it to any other person in seconds, and unless the receiver of the picture shares it (which they will, by the way), nobody like the drug store photo developer need know. I would venture to say that if your teenager has a cell phone or an e-mail account, they have seen a friends' dick or boobs. Yet, with the pressure of political correctness, the military seems to have gone back in time, hoping to avoid any possible interaction between people.

We determined years ago that I could never run for political office. Simply too many of my female co-workers have seen my dick. I have heard stories that President Lyndon Johnson had a huge Texas-sized dick and that he routinely whipped it out to show-off. Now, a single mention that a guy was chatting with a female friend and he whipped out his little wiener, even if she dared him to do it, some PC do-gooder would consider that some sort of oppression. "My Gawd! The man exposed himself to the poor innocent woman!"

So somehow, over the years, either through playing strip poker or mostly various conversations involving lots of honest questions and more often than not, dares intended to see how far people were willing to go, I am estimating here, that in a ten year period, eight of my female co-workers had seen my dick, while at work. I admit, just reading that sentence does make me sound like some sort of flasher. But in return, I have been flashed (boobs) by five different women (at work) and two of the women have shown me their pussy (at work). Now am I such a pervert or just lucky?

But none of this is what I intended to write about.

I knew for the longest time that I had more than a curious interest in seeing other men's dicks. (Oh yea, two different guys have whipped out their dicks to show me (at work), and I have done the same in return). When I was living in the dorms during my first assignment, we had these "gang showers". You know the layout - a huge tiled room with about eight shower heads, and basically, as the showers become available, you drop your towel and head in. I never witnessed any shenanigans going on between guys, only rarely saw a semi-erection, and for the most part, it was all business. Get in, shower and get out. But that didn't stop me from discretely inspecting ever cock of every guy I knew and worked with who lived on the same floor as me. I knew who was cut, who wasn't. I knew who had the smallest dick and the largest. I knew (at least at my base) that the stereotypes about black men were not true.

I never once stared too long, and I never once felt that someone was staring at me too long (though I wanted so bad for someone to). But I don't care how straight a guy is, it is human nature to look, at least the first time.

Later when I was married and starting to come to grips in my mind with the fact that I was probably Bi - or at least curious - my trips to the base gym several times a week gave me the dick fix I needed. I'm here to tell you, you cannot look at a guy fully clothed and determine if he has a little cock or is huge. I had two co-workers, both of whom were not large in frame or particularly tall. Both had enormous cocks. Another guy who was about 6'3" and had an incredible looking wife, you would just assume he had the dick to go along with the whole set-up. Nope. Maybe 5 inches fully erect. (Yea, I saw that one too). But for the most part, the shower experiences at the gym were strictly, get in, shower, get out, quick peeks at guys washing their balls and of course, thank you to the guys who happily stand around nude, doing their hair, putting on lotion and deodorant, and finally deciding to put on their underwear once I have had a good look.

Yea. I'll never run for congress.

The final thing is during my last year in the military where I went to a different gym on base because it was a lot less crowded at 5am. I would go every morning before work and run five miles, then hit the steam room and shower before heading into work. I can't tell you the number of times I jacked-off in the steam room and finished just as some guy was coming in. The adrenaline rush was amazing. Ditto for the shower. The number of times I was all alone in the showers and had to suddenly stop and somehow avoid showing my erection because some other guy walked in. Incredible rush. This went on for a year and I always wondered if I was the only one. I scoured CraigsList to see if anyone was posting a desire to meet-up at that gym, but never found anything.

Fond memories. Today, I think the young people who enter the military come in with a much more open mind. Rarely do you find a person who does not know or have not been exposed to openly gay people. Rarely do you find a female that whences if you use the word "fuck" or who can't tell you a good joke involving blow-jobs or something. Times have changed thanks to Internet, MTV, and the exposure of body parts via cell phones and e-mails. I just wonder how many of these young people are flashing each other or checking out their coworkers in the shower?

Sunday, October 8, 2017

IGHIH: It's Been Quite Week...

Where do I even start?  I posted about my little meet up with the young couple on Wednesday.  During the conversation with them, I actually mentioned that my wife's boyfriend could be at the house as we were speaking.  We as it turned out, he couldn't make it on Wednesday.

Thursday morning I pulled into the parking lot at work and my wife had sent me a few pictures of her, just before getting into the shower.  That's certainly a nice way to get the day started.

Thursday would prove to be a long day since I had a work related dinner downtown.  With traffic, it made sense for me to just leave directly from work and go to dinner. At about 4PM, I realized that I had forgotten to grab my afternoon pills and I decided I would race home, grab them, then turn right back around and head back downtown for the dinner meeting.

When I walked into the house, my wife was in her panties and a shirt and had just come out of the shower.  She wondered why I was home and I explained the pill situation before heading back out.  As I was leaving she asked me if I got the pictures and I said yes, I had and that was it, I got back in my truck and joined the ugly mess of I-10 traffic.

As I was stuck in a mess of stalled traffic, I flipped my phone from the Waze App (a must have if you speed like I do) and saw that I had missed a bunch of messages.  One tap of the screen and boom! BJ pics.

When I got to a parking spot and called her.  Holy hell, when she asked if I got the pics, I thought she was referring to the ones she had sent that morning.  I guess I should really turn the volume on my phone up.  I always have my phone muted and this is what I miss.

Turns out that JD had been able to slip away from work earlier in the day and they were able to spend several hours together.  She told me later that on this visit, he decided t take half a Viagra pill and that gave him quite the stiffy.

Later Thursday evening when I had returned from the dinner, we got in bed and she described how he was able to get out of work early, come over and spend time.  She told me she gave him a back massage and while doing that, grabbed her leather paddle and gave him a series of hard spankings, which he seems to love.  What a naughty boy!

As she rode my dick she told me how he spent a good twenty minutes going down on her and brought her to several orgasms before fucking her hard and leaving his seed deep in her pussy.  When she told me he had come inside her, my dick exploded.  That little piece of knowledge will get me every time.

She told me he had completely forgotten about the new toy he purchased and he grabbed it from the kitchen.  It is an anal vibrator.  Imagine that.  Even JD is starting to appreciate how awesome it feels to have the prostate tickled.

On Friday evening, we went to a local watering hole for dinner and enjoyed the band playing a series of covers.  It was nice to have a beer and enjoy the weather now that it isn't 100 degrees every day.  When we got home, we thought it would be nice to sit in the hot tub, so I went out, got it opened up, set out the radio and went back inside to change.  My wife had different plans.  She was in heels, a leather corset and panties, and she said she wasn't quite ready for the hot tub yet.

I stripped and laid on the bed and she had me turn over onto my stomach so she could give me a nice massage.  Turns out, she had done this same thing to JD and said it was my turn to enjoy some relaxing hand work.  It was very nice.

Later, she went  down on me with the intent of blowing me to completion, though frankly, my preference is to come inside her pussy.  While she was giving me head, I suggested I should try out the new anal toy and she was certainly game.  With plenty of lube, it was an easy fit and it felt mighty fine, especially while getting a BJ. 

She shifted her body and I began to finger-bang her, immediately going to the G-spot which caused great soaking of my fingers and hand.  She was bucking like a cowgirl on a bronco.  As a side note, I've been listening to a podcast I found called Shameless Sex.  It is two women who are sex educators and work in the toy and lube industry.  As it turns out, I've been fondling my wife's G-Spot for years - for the obvious reaction she gets from it, but had no idea it was the G-Spot, until these ladies described it as the soft spongy spot just inside the vagina.  I had always wondered why it felt different from the rest of the interior, and why that place got such a reaction.  I mention this just to say, the state of our sex education is school is horrendous.  Back to the story.

Eventually she climbed on my dick and rode me until she was very loudly letting the neighbors all know how hard she was cumming.  No wonder the little perverts next door try to sneak a peek when we are in the hot tub.

I should note that when you have a vibrating anal toy in your ass and you cum, there is a need to get that thing out right away.  I literally had to roll my wife off of me so I could reach down and pull it out.  That was funny though.
Eventually we did make it to the hot tub and no telling if the neighbors got a peek at the goods.  If they did, good for them.


Friday, October 6, 2017

Thank my Lucky Stars: Panties...

There has been an on again off again theme that I have written about for some time and that is my fetish of panties.  Not as in me wearing them, but as in me seeing women in them, out of them, in the hamper, on the floor, and strangely, I also get a slight tingle walking by the panty section in a store and seeing women shopping for them.  Unless, of course,  they are the super huge grandma-size often seen at Wal Mart and flea markets.

Over the last month or so, I have been trading messages with a local Tumblr guy. I started following his wife on Tumblr, then made the connection that they both were posting pictures of her, pictures of her with another guy, pictures of her with another lady, and finally, pictures of her pegging him.  The conversations started off with standard compliments and of course, me asking questions about her being a hotwife and such.  I never go into these conversations on Tumblr with any intentions beyond just trying to understand that particular person's story. Come to think of it, if everyone would just write a blog like me, it would make things a lot easier, right?

So fast forward to a few days ago.  The husband mentioned that he and his wife met a guy and sold him a pair of her panties.  Ding, ding, ding! Of course, that got my attention.  I asked for details and he was very forthcoming about how it went down.  The man simply wanted the panties in a plastic zip-lock bag (to seal in the flavor, I suppose), and when they met, the man gave them cash and the bag was handed over.

He told me that later the man e-mailed him to let him know how satisfied he was, how wonderful his wife's scent was, and that he'd pay more to watch the wife actually take the panties off.  Ding, ding, ding!  Now, this is my territory!

You may recall the story I posted some time back about the lady I called Alex.  Of course, I've been trying to relive that experience ever since.

We agreed to meet on Tuesday afternoon but I got pulled into a meeting and by the time I got out to my truck to confirm, it appeared that I missed a message asking me to confirm earlier.  Long story short, they weren't able to make it since I hadn't confirmed earlier.  Which is very understandable.

We tried again on Wednesday and I made sure I was able to get out of work.  My original plan was to meet at the Lowe's on I-35 South.  I know the parking lot has cameras (safety first) but the store is usually not overly busy that time of day, so it seemed a good meeting place.  I have to admit, I'm constantly worried that one of these meet-ups might include me being taken hostage and anally raped or just robbed.  I explained to the husband that for both of our safety, I felt like meeting in a public place was safer, and he agreed.

When the time came to meet, they were running late so he suggested meeting at a WalMart a little closer.  That was fine, especially for the safety and all, but frankly, WalMarts tend to be a lot more busy.  That worried me in terms of privacy.

Leading up to the actual meet, we had gone back and forth on how the scene might play out.  Because I know the husband to be bi-curious, I even suggested that if his wife would get off on it, I'd be happy to reach into the car and stroke his cock while she watched.  I also asked him for permission to take pictures of her removing the panties.  We had it figured out that they would pull up and park beside my truck and then I would simply get out of my vehicle and talk to them through the car window.  This doesn't attract any attention from people driving by - I mean, anymore attention than say, a drug deal.

When the moment arrived, they pulled up beside my truck, but instead of pulling up with the driver side to me, they pulled up with the passenger side.  For some reason, I just assumed the husband would be closer to me, and I don't know why, just for safety reasons.  I got out of my truck and leaned down to look in the window.  The nerves I had were almost all but gone.  The wife was very, very cute and the husband seemed just like a normal young guy.

The fact that I could see an ATM card sitting on the console with his name on it immediately removed any fear that these people were here to rob me.  Either that or they were the worlds dumbest criminals.

I pulled off my sunglasses just so I didn't seem like a masked guy and I asked how they were.  The young lady told me she was extremely nervous.  I told her not to worry; we were all friends here.

We chatted briefly, mostly me rambling on, trying to fill the moment with things about me and my wife and what our relationship is like, the fact that I’m into my wife having a BF and such.  I asked them about their relationship etc. 

Of course, I couldn't stop myself from taking in the young beauty sitting inches from me. She has a very pretty face and the sexy body to match. She was wearing a thin dress/shirt sort of thing that I imagined really would cling to her ass as she walked. 

Her boobs were a good size for her petite body, not flat chested but not bubbling over the top of her bra. 

While I chatted away I pulled out my phone and scrolled to some pictures of my wife blowing JD.  I showed them to the wife and explained how it was a turn on to see my wife’s wedding band wrapped around my friend’s cock.  I could see her eyes light up at that.  The husband commented that he liked that too.

I felt we had broken enough ice and then asked, “Would you like to slip off your panties?”

She blushed and and reminded me how nervous she was but then slowly lifted her bottom from the seat and slid the panties off, stopping to let me take a picture.  She held them at her knees for a moment so I could take in the view.  I had explained to them that my turn on is the act itself. 

Her dark blue panties were nice, I little bit fancy but still conservative.  She finally pulled them all the way off and balled them up, first handing them to her husband and then him handing them to me.  That was a little awkward but I think they were trying to go with a scene I had described in an email. 

This concept of the husband being there, watching his wife allow another man to see his wife disrobe, then actively handing over the panties is a huge turn on for me.  I think it speaks to my own cuckold behavior when I actively encourage my wife to show her breasts to a friend.  Being on the receiving side of this is both intoxicating and a little awkward. 

With the panties in my hand, I looked around the parking lot but because of where we were and the fact that my large truck (small penis indicator) provided a good cover, we were fine.  I spread the panties out in my hands and realized just how little material was involved. I looked around again and lowered my face into them, deeply inhaling the scent of this hotwife before me. 

“You smell delicious.” I said. 

She blushed again and thanked me. 

I held the panties a moment longer then handed them back to her and asked if she would like to put them back on.  I love the act of seeing them put on nearly as much as seeing them come off. 

During this process her bare pussy was exposed (sorry, no pics to share) and she was embarrassed saying she needed a wax.  I just commented that I liked her stubble. 

I reached into my pocket and pulled out some folded bills and handed it to the wife.  I think she was a little embarrassed to take the money but I simply moved on in conversation and pretended no money had exchanged hands. 

The husband explained their relationship, I guess just a full disclosure sort of thing, saying that they are completely open about what they do.  For instance he told me that his wife was in on all the email exchanges we had.  At first I took this as him making it clear that if I tried to contact her alone, he’d know.  But as we talked, I just realized that this couple really understood the concept of ethical non-monogamy, something I wish my wife and I had mastered. 

I did explain my situation with being bi and the fact that my wife instituted a Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy when it comes to me and outside play, but I also pointed out that sometimes she asks and sometimes I tell. 

I felt like the scene had winded down and I bid them a goodbye and they thanked me for meeting them.  As soon as they drove away, I got in my truck and quickly tapped out an email thanking them and such. When I looked up to get ready to pull out, they had returned, this time parking with the driver side next to my truck. 

I got out of my truck and when the kid rolled down his window, I saw immediately that he had his fully erect cock exposed to me.  I smiled and he told me that his wife asked him to let me stroke it while she watched but she was embarrassed to say it while I was talking earlier.  I reached in without hesitation and began to slowly jack his uncut cock. 

He reached his right hand over and his wife held hands with him as we talked and I stroked.  The wife asked me how she could make her husband cum while she pegs him with the strap-on.  What she wants is to hit the prostate and cause ejaculation without any stroking of his penis. 

I suggested she actually enter him missionary style and just slowly fuck him with lots of lube. 

While we had this discussion I stopped stroking his cock and he rubbed the head of his penis for a moment to show her his pre-cum.  She then reached over with her finger and collected all the pre-cum and I actually got a slight chubby hoping she would lick her fingers seductively.  Instead, she just nonchalantly rubbed the sticky spunk into her hand not realizing how turned on I was by that innocent act. 

We actually talked for probably another ten or fifteen minutes;  I really like this couple and I was eager to know more about them. 

By the time I got home, he was emailing asking me what I thought of them.  I truthfully told him that I really enjoyed the meeting and liked them.  I hope to meet them where we can sit down and have a nice conversation.  He responded and agreed. 

I don’t know when, but I expect to meet these folks for a drink and learn more about their story.  Do I expect to fuck the wife?  Not at all.  Could I blow him while she watches?  I’m game if they are. 

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Sharing Wife

Just a quick link to a blog I've added to my huge list of those I follow.  I'm not sure how I came about this one but it is completely in Spanish and is called Compartiendor Esposa which translates to "Sharing wife" if I'm not mistaken.  I'm sure that is what caught my eye.

The entire blog is nothing but videos, mostly home videos, of threesomes and moresomes.  I did notice one or two professional ones, which I promptly skipped over.  What I like about these is the amateur quality of a husband who has convinced his wife to allow another guy into their bed, and then the video that documents that fun time.

One of the hottest things that comes from an amateur threesome video, for me anyway, is when the wife looks directly at the husband filming it, and you can see that look of pleasure in her eye.  There is a connection between the primary couple where she conveys to him, "Holy shit, this is as good as you said it would be." 

Feel free to look around and use Google Translate if you feel the urge.  For now, I want to leave the link to one of the really nice ones I skipped through.  It translates to "I Like That Look" and I think you'll see what the guy means.

Enjoy.  And if you know of blogs with similar themes, I'm always looking.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Weekend Notes: Quad-Copters, Peeping Toms, Hot Tubs and Sex...

Several things to report.  First, this evening we were sitting in the hot tub drinking a few cold beers and talking about, as my wife put it, the elephant in the tub.  We've had a rough month.

But first, let me tell you this.

It was just starting to get a little dark and I looked up into the sky above us and could see a fucking quad-copter hovering above.  Not above my hot tub but certainly high enough and at an angle that could be photo-zooming into my hot tub.  Granted, my wife and I were wearing swimsuits, but Jesus.
I pointed at the quad copter and coincidentally it made a fucking fast retreat to wherever it was being controlled.  Fuck.  Living where we do is so convenient but our houses are crammed together and the privacy is just nonexistent.

Then, the fucking neighbor kid is so clumsy at being a peeping Tom.  He literally opens the window of his bedroom and stuck his fucking head out the window, completely making it clear that he was hoping my wife would be topless.  Yes, she was on top of me trying to make out but when I saw the kid actually stick his smart phone out the window and could see the light on as he recorded us, I had to laugh out loud and alert my wife.

At least my sunbathing neighbor on the other side of the house has never busted me so easily.  Are teenagers these days just numb skulls? When I was a teen, my buddies and I had engaged in the curiosities associated in observing people through windows, but we treated it like a 007 spy mission.

These experiences might explain my interest in older ladies.  Perhaps as a 14 year old, I saw too many middle aged women in their shower or putting on a bra.  Who knows how our minds work?


So maybe I've alluded to it in previous posts or maybe I've just emailed some of you.  But things have been really weird lately.  My wife and I hadn't fucked for two weeks.  For no reason, tensions have been really, tense.  It isn't anything either of us can put a finger on, but her complaint about me is, I kid you not, my exact complaint about her.

She complained that she couldn’t say anything without me snapping at her and likewise, as those I’ve emailed can attest, I have said the same about her.

In fairness to both of us, we’ve been through some stuff.  The death of my buddy Rick took a hit on us, both for different reasons.

Then, I’ve had a health issue not worth mentioning but it has motivated me to go into health nut mode.  I’ve lost twenty pounds in the last six weeks.  Easy to do when you just cut the shit out of your diet and exercise every day.  If only I could write a book about it.

Anyway, point is, stress causes friction.  My wife and JD were trying to figure out if I was upset about recent meetings where I couldn't make it home from work.  JD even suggested he might have to let me do gay stuff on him.  Dumbass.  I've sucked his dick before and he knows it.

My wife needs to be fucked and frankly, I just hadn’t been in the mood.  But I sure as hell was looking at Tumblr and gawking at tits, pussy, panties, dicks, and people fucking.

I also stopped by my sister in law’s house to pick up something for my wife and hell if I did not leave her stammering.  I told her how much I really liked her hair and how good she looked.  But only after she told me how good I looked on my way home from work.  She is so used to seeing me all casually dressed, but at work, I’m a regular stud. Just ask my co workers!   This adds to the strange days.  Yes, I want to fuck my sister in law.  Somebody just kick me in the balls now so I don't say or do anything really stupid.

Just reading this, I realize I have some sort of issue.  The sudden weight loss, the chemical change in my body, my stress at work and home.  I probably need to suck a dick.


With no interest in putting on a show for the 14 year old Egyptian boy next door, we retreated from the hot tub, showered off then engaged in some much needed sex.  Toys were used, dick was blown, multiple orgasms were had.

Then, we got up out of bed, got dressed and headed to the diner down the street from our house and shared a piece of pecan pie with a scoop of ice cream.  When we got back home, I climbed into bed with some college football on and she took to her iPad to talk JD through a jack-off session.  All is good in our house, until the next time it isn't.