Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Strictly Anonymous Website is Up

Not much content yet but Kathy has her Strictly Anonymous Podcast web page up and running.

Free Porn - The Butterfly Effect

I'm sure you've heard the ads for it if you listen to podcasts at all, The Butterfly Effect, a story about how the world changed when a guy came up with the idea to make porn available for free.  I've been listening to it over the last two days and am almost finished. 

I highly recommend it.  The commercials for it come across like it would be preachy in some way, but it isn't.  Just good journalism and story telling.  And you learn new stuff everyday.  I had no idea of the back story behind PornHub, RedTubes, Ashley Madison and how the pay for porn industry changed into a more boutique industry.

As a cheapskate, I say, long live free porn!

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Writing For Fun...

I've been having a conversation with a new reader recently who found me through Literotica.  He was one of the few people who found something positive in The Veronica Story.  As a side note, can I just say that in spite of the fact that so many people on the Internet are jerks, there is something so positive about connecting with people who seem to “get” you.

Anyway, this gentleman was kind enough to enjoy Veronica, so I sent him some of the older stuff that I had posted and long ago removed.  Reading back over The Cashier I recalled just how much enjoyment I got out of writing fictional accounts of real people.

This takes me back to years ago in my youth.  I was horrible in English class in high school, and only a B student in my first two English courses in college. I attribute my shittiness not from an inability to read and write or use reasonable grammar, but being more interested in writing fun things and less interested in diagramming sentences.

I wish now that I had saved the many stories I wrote as a kid.  This is before computers and thumb drives and the ability to email a copy of your story to yourself or post it on a blog.  I was sort of like that kid in Stand by Me, writing goofy stories and sharing them with my friends.

I don’t want to get specific, but I did create a series of characters that lived really weird lives that, if I had saved the paper these stories were typed on, I could have perhaps recreated into more polished works.  No, not my own Harry Potter series or the next Game of Thrones, but just goofy folks that popped into my mind and flowed on paper.

It took years and a lot of actual sex before my writing would shift to an adult nature.  I feel less like a writer and more like a reporter when it comes to sex.  I've always avoided the use of the standard verbiage you see in a lot of smut. 

For cuckold's stories, you always see the reference to "the marital bed."  Uh, sure.  Okay.  Yes, when the husband and wife go to bed, it is the marital bed.  What if they are at a hotel?

I will use the terms cock and dick interchangeably, but I shy away from "turgid member." I'd say with good reason.

Of course, I'm not opposed to good, descriptive writing.  By all means, I love it.  In fact, Aunt Clara has referred me to several descriptive works.  Since my wife and I enjoy, The Outlander, I've started reading the book(s).  That Diane Gabaldon can write some descriptive sex!

But when you read my blog, I am posting things that were written in pretty much ten to fifteen minutes and done.  Just the facts, Ma'am.  Anyway, I do think if I had more time to spend on such things, I would enjoy writing some fictional stuff.  Granted, posting on Literotica is not going to happen again, but perhaps just here.  We'll see.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Walking And Parking...

I was taking my normal Sunday afternoon walk which takes me out of my neighborhood into a designated industrial area.  It is a single road that houses an assortment of service companies, electricians, two different exercise places, and several wooded lots just waiting for a company to purchase and build the next business.  It isn't seedy or scary or anything of that nature, but on a Sunday afternoon, it is usually empty. 

As I was walking I noticed a pickup truck parked across the street from a building but in front of one of those empty lots.  At first I thought the truck was empty, perhaps someone had parked it there and ridden with someone else.  But as I approached, I could see a driver with his body fairly scooched down in the seat.  Perhaps he was taking a nap. 

Approaching now to within about twenty feet, a female popped up and pressed herself up against the passenger side door.  Nothing to see here!

As I got just in front of the truck, the woman locked eyes with me. Her face was familiar but I could not quite place it.  I winked at her then nodded at the guy who was obviously aware I knew I had disrupted his afternoon BJ. 

Of course, I hadn't thought of this place as a lover’s lane, but I have found condom wrappers and on my very first walk down that road, a discarded pair of dirty panties.  And no, I left them. 

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Documentary: The Voyeur

Aunt Clara alerted me to the fact that Netflix was running a documentary called, The Voyeur.  Naturally, I watched it as quickly as I could.  You may recall last year that I wrote a post here about this guy.

So I won't spoil it for you but the documentary is about the turmoil leading up to the publishing of the book and gives you quite a bit of insight about both Gay Talese, a man I'm fascinated by, and Gerald Foos, a man who gives even a pervert like me the creeps.  What I did not realize at the time of my original post, was that as the book was going to publishing, there was new information that called into question the veracity of some of Mr. Foos' claims.  That sent Mr. Talese spinning into a meltdown.  The documentary catches it all.

In the end, this book is in my long list of unfinished/unstarted reading backlog but now I think it may jump ahead a few spots.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

IGHIH: Glass...

Once again my timing at work prevented me from getting in on a good thing.  Our buddy JD was able to get out of work early and spend an hour and a half hanging out  with my wife, genuinely hoping that I could make it and be part of the good time, but as we all agree, work comes before play.

I was trying to wrap things up in the office and saw that I had missed a note from my wife telling me JD will be at the house when I got home, hurry! By the time I got to my truck and could check the phone, I saw a text from her saying, "Too late."

I've mentioned before that the fact we can't meet for threesomes often and the fact that the two of them can only meet slightly more often, I think that keeps some mystery to the whole arrangement.  But yes, I wish I could have been home for this one.

My wife told me later that JD popped a little blue pill and after they both had a few beers and talked about family and stuff, they headed to the bedroom, realizing that I wasn't going to make it home for the full event.

A while back, JD had sent this large glass dildoe that frankly scared the crap out of both of us.  Apparently, when used along with a healthy serving of cunnilingus, it is quite pleasurable.

After several orgasms over her own, my wife says that JD was extremely hard, harder than she had really seen him in years, and she just needed to ride his big, thick cock.  Of course, as she is telling me these details, she was riding my own hard cock.

She mounted him in a reverse cowgirl fashion and played with his balls as he moaned with pleasure.  She says that even though she had already enjoyed a few orgasms from his tongue, the pleasure of really feeling his hard dick without fear that it might lose it was very much a welcome thing.

Before long, JD reported that he was getting close and suggested that she dismount so he could come on her boobs but she insisted she needed to feel him shoot inside her. As soon as she began to describe his dick pulsating in her, I unloaded my own load.

"Too bad you weren't here.  We were both hoping you would have cleaned up the mess." She said with a giggle.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

We All have to Work...

This is not about sex per se.  So skip if you don’t like the introspective posts.

I had been working on a post that discusses the whole celebrity and political outing of men who have been abusive toward women.  No matter how many times I edit it, reword it or change a paragraph, I can’t seem to make it bulletproof.  And when you are talking about such a hot button topic, well, I don’t want to set myself up for coming across in a negative way.  It isn't that I can’t take the trolls, but it has to do with how I feel about myself as a person.  So, suffice to say, that post stays in the DRAFT bin like so many other posts I started and abandoned.

I realized over the long weekend that I’m depressed for some reason. There is so much in my life to be thankful for, yet I am suddenly feeling like I am tired of my job, not fulfilled with the direction I’m going in my own growth.  I've always loved driving into work, eager to start the day and enjoyed the interaction with people.  Now I feel like I’m trapped.  I can’t seem to get it in gear.  I’m coasting on my reputation as being a leader and someone who gets things done and makes things happen, yet I’m not getting anything done.

There is a blogger I really enjoy named Emmy who has a blog called Right Turn Without Signaling.  She writes about her work life a lot but mixes in the occasional sex talk.  I think I started reading her because of the sex and stayed for the beautiful photography, motivational memes and discussions of her work problems.

I thought about writing her and asking for advice.  How does one get out of the rut at work where the pile of responsibilities just keeps getting bigger and you look around and see people ignoring it.  In the end, I didn't write but I did feel like sharing her blog.  So there ya go.

A friend told me yesterday that my problem is, I refuse to let the mission fail, therefore I pick up the slack for other people rather than allow their shortcomings to be evident.

That has been a problem for me as a leader.  I observe people.  If I can count on someone, they become the go to.  If I can’t count on another, I don’t.  So that person goes unpunished so to speak, and the person who gets it done gets more work.  But in a way, I’m also the person who gets it done and I get all the work.

One of the things about having ranks and grades in a military environment is that you can easily look at someone who should be on the same level as you and compare what they do with what you do.  Why do I keep looking around and see people on my same level not doing half the shit I do?

The flip side of that is that I have always said, you should work for (pay) whatever you are willing to work for.  That is to say, if you are making $25 an hour and are okay with that, you shouldn't be pissed if the guy next to you makes $27 an hour.   There are always caveats to that philosophy, but the general point is, don’t worry about what others make, worry about being comfortable with what you make for the work you do.  If you aren't, either get a raise or quit.

I wrote the first part of this post before walking into work.  I sat in a meeting with our leaders and the boss called me out as being over-tasked.  That was both humbling and appreciated.  But it sered to call out others who are equally over-tasked by too much work but not being seen as important.  Hence, that created an immediate morale problem.  No, they aren't upset that my work seems more important, but that they are not seen as being real contributors.

How did we get to this point?  How is every statement somehow turned into a point of litigation or every observation taken as an offense?  Honestly, I think the issues impacting my work are very similar to what is happening in the press with the never ending list of men who have apparently been assaulting or at least being inappropriate with women who work for them.

Right now there are loads of men who have never been and never would be in a situation where a woman would accuse them of such a horrible thing as abuse, yet in the way things have been presented, we lump the harmless penis exposers (who are absolutely wrong for doing that) with the actual alleged rapists. When we blur the lines like this, you get nutty people saying stupid things like men are no longer allowed to talk to women.  No, men are simply not allowed to forcibly corner an underling into a room and forcibly masturbate at them.

Apply this to my work place and we are all very sensitive about ill-advised statements made by leadership that carry with them sweeping generalizations. 

I don't know.  In the end, I got very little work done today, even though I did do a lot of work.  I think the biggest contribution I made today was being a sounding board for people who were frustrated and making them feel better by letting them know I was frustrated too.