Monday, February 19, 2018

Boy's Night...

This weekend I attended a bachelor party with a bunch of my coworkers and though I generally shy away from such fun, we had a great plan that included one of those party buses to safely get us from bar to bar.

Of note, we went to a strip club over by San Antonio’s airport called Perfect 10.  I hadn’t been to this place in at least ten years.  I will say that they took care of us with a discounted cover and also got our bachelor up on stage for a two dancer laptop that was hilarious.  They beat his ass with belts!

At some point during the stint in PT’s a coworker decided that I needed a lap dance and because he knew my interest in darker women, he got the one African-American dancer to do the dance.  She was certainly pretty, had a great, tight body, and was a good dancer, but I could tell there was no way I could get into it.

 I was certainly drunk enough to let loose in front of my colleagues but I will say that the current social conversation about men and women and consent causes me to at least take pause.  Of course, she was being paid and tipped and this is her job, but my body simply wasn’t interested in that.  As much as she tried, I don’t think I even got hard.  Maybe if it had been a private dance.  Who knows?

I had a great conversation with another colleague, one who is in a truly open marriage.  He told me about attending his first sex club and how he needs to go back for more.  We don’t have a “graphic details” type of relationship but more the mechanics and philosophy of the marriage arrangements we have.  It was enough for me to say that my wife’s boyfriend had visited her while I was checking into my hotel room downtown.  No further details or explanation needed.

As readers of a sex blog, you probably understand how great it is to find someone who can talk openly about such taboo subjects.  But in our case, we keep things very professional at work.  I haven’t offered to suck his cock, for instance, nor have I suggested to him how much I’d love to fuck his wife or his girlfriend or especially both of them!  But the conversations are nice and we both recommend books, podcasts and blogs to one another.

At the last bar we visited, my friend Co-worker H and I decided to call it a night, grab a Lyft and go to the hotel I was staying at.  The hotel my wife was not at.

We got to the room and without even a word, we both stripped nude and got on the bed together.  He has sucked my dick many times in the privacy of his office or mine, but we’ve never been naked or had time to really play.

I looked at my phone and determined that the Lyft dropped us off at 11:45 PM  and I went to bed at 1:20 in the morning.  Roughly an hour and a half of naughty man fun.

There was a lot of dick sucking, both of us switching off to try to make the other cum. H also did his best to finger bang my ass but without lube, it was a tight fit.  At one point I told him to fuck me but his E.D. Issues limit the erection he can have without pills.  Getting old sucks, people.

Eventually, though it was all very enjoyable I gave in and told H I was not going to cum.  Too many beers.  I knew I had to pee and he said he needed to too so we both walked into the restroom.  I jokingly said we should pee together into the shower.  It was mostly a giggle moment and then I had a thought.  I told him I wanted him to pee on my face.  I know, super drunk but it just seemed funny.

I leaned my head into the shower and H pissed on my cheek.  The warm stream was odorless given the multiple beers that had been consumed earlier in the evening.  I shut my eyes, of course, and certainly kept my mouth tightly sealed.  No lies, it wasn't anything awful.  He stopped peeing and said, "Pee on me!"

I reached my hands into the shower and cupped the water to rinse my face off but really didn't mind that I didn't get it all off me.  I realized that even after all this, I still had a throbbing erection and I still had some pee in my bladder.  H tilted forward and I began letting loose with the remainder of the recycled beer in my body.  He was much more daring than me, turning to take the stream square in the face, and amazingly, opening his mouth to take a shot and momentarily hold it before spitting the piss right back out into the shower.  With the last of my stream covering his closed eyes and his forehead, it was so strange that the two of us were indulging in such varsity level kink.  Okay, varsity level in my book.

H rinsed himself off in the shower and I moved over to the bathroom sink and gave myself a good face scrubbing and brushed my teeth for good measure.  It was probably less than five minutes later, and he was dressed and headed out the door.

The next morning, I got up and showered, then headed home to go pick my wife up.  The plan was to go back downtown and hit the farmer's market piddle around a bit and then head back to the hotel to get ready for the wedding we would attend later in the afternoon. 

When we made it back to the hotel, she was eager to make use of the king size bed and have some afternoon hotel sex.  I was fully aware that her boyfriend, JD had visited her Friday afternoon, but because she had not sent me any pics of them engaged in anything, and because I knew he had come by later than normal, I guess I assumed he had simply stopped by for a quick drink. 

Turns out, he had an afternoon work function and it gave him enough cover for his wife to stay a while longer.  She told me that she asked him to give her a quick foot massage, which he was happy to do, but soon, they were moving from the couch to the bedroom. 

The foot massage in the living room had turned into him going down on her for twenty to thirty minutes.  She said that he made her cum multiple times and when she would assume it was over and he'd get his cloths on to leave, he'd just eat her pussy more until she came again. 

She told me, as she was now riding my cock, that he asked her to ride him the way she rides me.  There is no humiliation or intent to cuckold me when she describes JD's dick being much thicker than mine.  It's not like I haven't seen it.  She described her soaking pussy simply sliding down on his shaft and gripping him with her muscles.  I looked up and her eyes shut tightly, I knew she was going right back there, only with her hips gripping and riding my cock.

She explained that he came so hard in her pussy that when she pulled herself off him, there was a small puddle of cum dripping.  And with that information, I finally shot the load that had been built-up, starting with a lap dance, spurred on by an hour of dick sucking and delayed only by the side effects of beer. 

As it turns out, I had quite a load to deposit myself.  My wife laughed and pulled out her phone and took a picture of my dick and balls covered in the frothy mix of my white cum and her juices.  We giggled a bit and I made my way to the shower while she took a nap.

Just as a final note to cap off this weekend of sex.  Two things.  First, at the wedding we attended, we sat at a table with H and his wife. and a few other female colleagues and their husbands.  It occurred to me that, the colleague sitting next to H had had a brief affair with him sometime back.  They remain close friends but don't fuck anymore.  So it just seemed funny to me that at a weeding, at that table, there was H and me and H and a lady he had fucked, and all our unsuspecting spouses having a great evening.

The second thing was, the other lady sitting at our table was chatting with my wife.  Neither H nor I have fucked her, but we both talk about it all the time.  Anyway, she asked my wife about a picture of something and of course, you know where this is going.  Yes, the picture of my cum covered cock and balls was the first picture to cum up and my wife quick as she could swiped past it, though the laughter and red face from our co-worker pretty much told the story that it wasn't quick enough.  Oh well.  Life is too short to be embarrassed. 

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Work Stress Averted...

This post isn't really sexual but since this is my only current blog location, it will have to do.  Very briefly, I put myself through an emotional roller coaster yesterday that had me completely rethinking my professional life.  I mean, to the point that I sent a few e-mails where I stated that I was going to seek employment elsewhere.

Things started off well.  I spent a good forty minutes or so chatting with a trusted friend about various things.  Some sexual, some not.  In the end, I felt so good about our conversation I nearly walked back into my office skipping and whistling.  Okay, whistling, anyway.

Then, a colleague passed on some news that it turns out he may have misinterpreted. Obviously, not being specific here, but the point is, it was information that looked as though I had had the rug pulled out from under me but the leadership group. 

I took a minute to digest things then decided to walk up to the front offices and have a little conversation.  Nobody present to talk to so I made my way back to my desk where I tried to focus on some pressing work issues.  It was useless.  The e-mails flew. 

Eventually, one of my trusted co-workers told me I should just take the rest of the day off and do one of those Pro's and Con's sort of lists.  Probably would have been a good idea but I'm horrible at taking advice.

By late afternoon, I talked to another person involved in the matter and his take on "the situation" seemed different.  Nuance is everything, sometimes.   At that very moment, I could feel a weight lift off my shoulders and I could actually feel the stress on my body and my emotions begin to fade.

An hour later I was walking through my neighborhood and my friend called to tell me he had made a phone call to leadership who confirmed that it was all a miss interpretation.  So I feel like I go into work this morning with a positive attitude, a lot less stress, and the work I need to finish from yesterday.

Please don't read into this, there isn't a violent bone in my body, but the whole thing made me wonder.  How many people over the years who have lost their shit at work, went, as we used to say in the 80's, Postal, and wrecked havoc at work over a simple misunderstanding of the facts?

It's funny because in most matters, I'm thought to be the calm, let's get all the facts first, sort of person. I'm usually the guy telling people to calm down (never women, of course) and evaluate what is really going on.  But because this matter directly impacted me and my role in the organization, I took information from someone and allowed it to punch me in the gut without fully vetting it all.

I should work on that.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Brief Meeting With Fun Couple...

You know, it doesn't always end in sex.  This young couple I've been talking with for the last several months, they are such a refreshing conversation for me.  The husband reminds me of what I may have been like at his age, if I had grown up in a world much more accepting of sexual things.  For example, there is no awkwardness between these two when it comes to his desire to suck a dick or have her peg him.  She isn't threatened or disgusted by his flexible interests.

She admits to having been nervous at first, but now that she knows he is genuinely turned on and approving of her being with other men, she has embraced it.  She is still a bit shy when, sitting in the back of my truck in front of a crowded gas station, he lifts her shirt to show me her delicious boobs, yet she smiles brightly when I compliment her, then make a joke about the man directly in front of my truck being on his phone instead of watching the show.

I love the conversation.  There is no chance that sitting in this parking lot we will engage in some drawn out physical act, yet, the conversation where they pepper me with questions about my experiences with my wife and JD, has both the husband and me sporting erections.  I offer my advice about various things, tell a few stories about past encounters, delve into my thoughts on the desire for a husband to crave seeing his wife fuck other men. 

I get a lot from blogging and the e-mail exchanges I engage in with several readers and fellow bloggers.  But sitting there face to face with this couple, so eager to hear my point of view, so interested to learn that I've had similar feelings to what they go through, there is something very special about that. 

Before we had to leave our conversation the husband asked me a question.  If I could have sex with only one of them and had to choose, would it be with him or with her?  I didn't even hesitate for a second.  Her of, course.  Sure, I'd suck his cock.  I'm flexible that way and frankly, I crave the feel of a penis in my mouth.  But this lady is so smoking hot, so very much out of my league.  Given the chance, yes, I'd happily embarrass myself for a chance at her pussy.

The husband pulls his pants down to reveal his erection and asks if I'd like to stroke him before they leave.  Of course I would.  I reached back and as I wrapped my fingers around his shaft, his wife takes a picture of the action.  I stroked him for a minute but watched her face, smiling, intrigued.  She reveals that she came all over his dick just before meeting up with me.  My response was to pull back my hand and take a long lick of the palm, like an all day sucker.     

Like everything in my life, I'm limited by time.  I need more with this couple.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

IGHIH: When Minutes Count...

It has been at least a number of meetings between my wife and JD where I couldn't seem to get my ass out of work or through the afternoon traffic quick enough to witness or participate in the sex part of their time together.  Either I'd show up and missed him by minutes, or more frustratingly, walk in the door as he was bidding his goodbyes.  The understanding we all have in this relationship is that, timing is everything.  When you engage in a form of relationship where one of the partners is on the down-low, something we accept for ourselves, you are accepting that often meetings will be cancelled or meetings will be established at the last minute. 

On this most recent visit, I was convinced I was going to miss yet another chance to witness the action.  I had found myself in a meeting that ran long, looking at my watch hoping there would be no further questions from any participants, and when the first opportunity to run out the door was there, I ran.  And then I hit the afternoon traffic.  Just a PSA here: People, get out of the left hand lane unless you are passing, and get the hell off your phone. Thank you.

I was about half way home when I got a note from my wife (hands free) that JD was on his way.  Even then, I was just assuming he would be there before me.  As luck would have it, I pulled into the driveway and before the garage door closed, he was pulling up.  Perfect timing!

Now if you think this is all about the sex, you'd be wrong.  If you've been following along, we've been going at this thing for well over two years.  JD shows up with a bottle of wine for my wife, which she is happy to receive.  Before he can take a seat on the bar stool, she hands him a bottle of beer then offers me one.  The three of us spend a good thirty minutes chit chatting and enjoying our drinks.  To be honest, I got the feeling that this would end with just everyone catching up and enjoying the early evening beverages.

And then my wife unzipped the top she was wearing to show massive amounts of cleavage.  "Are you interested in this?" she asked JD.

I looked up at the clock.  "What time do you need to leave?"

I have to leave no later than six." JD responds.

At precisely 5:50, we walked into the bedroom and my wife directed JD to drop his trousers.  She grabbed her trusty vibrating mouthpiece, and had him lay back on the bed.  If you've never seen (or experienced) one of these things, I highly recommend it.  It is the sort of mouth guard athletes use but it has a tiny little vibrator attached to it.  The combination of a mouth and the vibrator makes the penis respond immediately, I'm here to report.

I watched my wife go down on JD for about a minute (and snapped a picture) then, I pulled her panties down and entered her from behind.  As she blew JD, she bucked on my cock creating a quick and enjoyable rhythm for all three of us.
Wedding Rings: Not husband's dick!
At 5:58, JD exploded.  My wife stroked him to relive him of his build-up and the resulting creamy mess dripped from her hand onto the dark comforter of the bed below.  What a white gooey mess!

My wife asked me to pull out for fear that I would cum inside her pussy.  She had a different plan.  We all joked about the timing but she told JD, "You're not leaving yet!"

She quickly jumped up onto the bed laying long ways and JD quickly went down on her while she took my dick into her mouth.  If you've never received a BJ from your wife while another man is going down on her, I highly recommend it.

It took no time at all for JD to work his tongue drills on her swollen clit and if any of the neighbors were listening, I'm sure they heard.  As my wife began to raise her voice in pleasure, I stroked my cock, enjoying the view.  When she began bucking in orgasm, I unloaded a stream of cum all over her breasts. 

I looked up at the clock and it was now 6:03.  Clean-up towels were grabbed, JD scrambled to grab his toothbrush from his drawer (Yes, JD has his own drawer in our bathroom which contains a fresh pair of underwear, toothbrush and a few other items), and my wife jumped in the shower to rinse off before she and I headed out to dinner.

By ten after, we were all out front bidding JD goodbye and he was texting his wife to let her know he would be home within the next ten minutes.  Traffic willing.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018


So I’ll just come right out and say it.  I’m a grower, not a show’er.  And in some cases, I’m not even a grower. 

I developed this little knot on the base of my nutsack.  Now I know there are a handful of you who will immediately diagnose me as having contracted some form of STI, either because I deserve it, or because God hates people who have sex for any other reason than procreation, and since the point of this blog is that, God hates me.

God may hate me, but life goes on.

Let me first be very clear that neither my wife nor I have any STI’s that can be detected up to this month.  So that is seemingly off the table.  But I’d be a lying liar if I said that both my wife and I didn’t immediately think, “Oh, shit! STI.”

But tests and doctor performed inspections ruled that out.

My next thought was the much disliked ball cancer.  I know a lot of people who would want any man who has written the things I’ve written to have ball cancer.  Haters gonna hate.

I went to my doctor in fear of both STI and ball cancer, and both turned out to be negative.  This is where the story gets embarrassing.

I go in with the idea of, if I have an STI or ball cancer, I’d like to get some medical treatment.  Now you should know by now that I have an exceptionally average sized penis.  Wait, I don’t think exceptionally and average go together, but, my point is, my dick is small when I don’t have a boner.  Hence, grower not a show'er.

So anytime I need to show my bathing suit area to a doctor, I’m all shy.  I’m similarly shy when I go to a crowded restroom and the urinals don’t have protection, or privacy shields.  My choice would be that I could look at the guy next to me, but I’d prefer he not be able to see me.  My dick shrivels up to the size of an acorn and the pee won’t come out unless I close my eyes and meditate and such.

So I have no problem telling the doctor that I have a little knot on my sack but when it comes time to show it, I’m all shy and I actually cover my flaccid weiner with my hand and expose the lump on the scrotum.  He says it isn’t an STI even though he does start asking me those doctor questions.  Things like,  have I allowed anyone to tie me to a bed and let homeless people assault my ass with unwashed dicks, or have I been paying cheap hookers who use infected needles to blow me and such.  Could be that he's just a perv and wants to know the details.  I instead told him my wife might have been unfaithful, so anything is possible.

Calm down!  My wife told her doctor the same story - that I had been unfaithful. That was our going in game plan.  My wife’s doctor only asked if it had been in the recent year and she said yes.  Test it is.  My doc wanted details but when I got squeamish, he said he needed to bring in his boss, the female doctor, to take a look.  Nice.

She took a look at my balls rubbed the area a bit, and concluded I should go see the dermatologist to have it checked out to be sure, but she said it was a cyst, not related to cancer or fucking people, though not in those words.

I’ll fast forward to the day of the procedure to have the cyst removed.  Emotionally, I had just accepted the fact that there would be the same dermatologist I had seen a few weeks earlier, and he would have an assistant.  Now I have mixed feelings about the gender of the assistant.  If it is a guy, now there are two guys looking at my shriveled dick.  If it is a female, I have the embarrassment of exposing my shriveled dick, but if I get aroused, then I have that.  Okay, if it is a female assistant, at least let her be morbidly obese with some missing teeth and exceeding the age of sexual interest.

When I walked into the clinic, my doc met me at the entryway and escorted me back to the procedure area.  These are the same sort of treatment rooms in ER's that just have a big curtain they pull for privacy, but you can hear everything else going on around you.  I thought, at least if people start having a conversation about the man with the tiny penis, I'll know about it.

The doc shuts the curtain and immediately, a 30'ish, very attractive Latina with her eyes done very nicely comes in in scrubs and immediately introduces herself as the assisting tech.  She hands me a gown and the doc instructs me to get naked. 

They give me a minute or two of privacy while I get ready, and suddenly, I think I'm in luck.  The moment of beauty I saw in that technician gave me enough of a blood flow that my dick actually perked up to a state of routine flaccidity.  That is to say, it was still normal small size, not shriveled acorn size.  I actually lifted the gown up in hopes that people would accidentally open the curtain on me.  No luck.

But when the doc returned, he and his assistant took a Sharpie and drew a circle around the little lump needing to be removed.  This little artistic rendering had the effect of making my dick immediately retreat into the feared state of shriveled acorn. Fuck!

Once the procedure started, they had me laid back on a gurney and the doc pulled out a little needle and started shooting the area with Lidocaine to numb it all up.  As he did this, the pretty assistant got all the other utensils ready.  Completely professional.  In fact, in that moment, I thought there was a chance she would position herself closer to my head where she could hand him tools, thereby not really seeing the state of my junk.

Nope.  Once the numbing agent kicked in, she came around to the other side of the doc, thankfully draped my embarrassing area with surgical towels and only had view to my saggy man balls with the big knot.  I say big, because once the doc filled it with Lidocaine, it was suddenly the size of a third testicle.

I was under the impression that the doc would just take the little knot, squeeze it between his thumb and finger, make a quick incision, pop out the gross cyst and stitch it up.  That's not what happened.  I did not know that his assistant would hold my balls and stretch them and fondle them and manipulate them into whatever form the doc needed to spend ten minutes digging out the little hairball that made up my little cyst.  Her hands were warm.  I could definitely tell the difference when she was playing with my balls versus when he was playing with them.

There was a brief moment when she was fondling me that I made every effort I could to twitch my dick into an erection.  I know that sounds horrible, but I promise, an erection in that moment is not possible.  But I thought, at least if I could get a respectable semi-chub, I might save some face.

When we were all stitched up, the doc exited the room to go do something and the tech sat there for another five minutes with my balls, cleaning the blood up and getting the wound dressed.  In any other situation, I would have cum by now.  Instead, she gave me instructions on care for the wound, etc., etc., and then pulled away all the towels that were hiding my flaccid little shriveled piece of jerky. Slim Jim, in fact.

Thankfully she was both kind and professional enough to pull my gown over the embarrassing area and then told me she would give me privacy while I gingerly slipped my clothes back on. 

When she came back in, no mask, I could see she was really pretty and had all her teeth.  My balls were already starting to hurt from the Lidocaine wearing off, but I did at that moment get that semi-erection I had hoped for earlier.  I guess it would have been a bit much to ask her to take another look.

Do you want to see the wound?  No, you don't.  It is really gross.  But this is what it looks like with the bandage. Sexy!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

IGHIH: JD is Late, I'm Even Later...

An emergency situation at work caused me to run late yesterday evening.  No, nobody fired off an accidental notification that warned everybody of an incoming missile strike or anything like that.

By the way, I was wondering aloud, how many people in those moments thinking their world was coming to an end in just minutes, confessed all sorts of stuff they wish they hadn't.  Like, how many women told their husband that Little Tommy was actually the neighbor's kid?  How many guy's confessed to banging the secretary at work?  How many people came out to their parents, or parents came out to their kids?  Anyway, my work emergency was nothing like the tangent I just went on.

As it turned out, JD was able to meet my wife a full hour later than his normal arrival time.  In a perfect world, we would have had a fun threesome.  But my work situation caused me to miss the entire act.  My guess is, he may have popped a little blue pill prior to arriving, because according to my wife, he was very hard, and very much ready to perform. 

As my wife was riding me later in the evening to give me details, she said that after he went down on her for a while, he asked her to ride him, the way she rides me.  She says his cock was extremely thick. After she came a second time, he had her turn over on her stomach and raise her ass.  He went down on her from behind and eventually entered her doggy style. 

When he was ready to unload, he asked her where she wanted it and she told him he was free to come indie her pussy if he wanted.  She says the first rope was definitely inside but then he pulled out and left a big creamy mess in her ass-crack, then pulling out the camera to show me the evidence of his deposit.

For people not into this sort of arrangement, you probably can't appreciate just how hot it is to cum in your wife, knowing your's is not the first load to enter that day. 

I wonder if any of those last minute confessions that took place in Hawaii last week resulted in an interest in Hotwife fun?

Monday, January 15, 2018

IGHIH: A Video is Worth a Thousand Words...

On Friday night my wife and I grabbed a Lyft to a nearby club where we met up with her old friend from high school.  Yea, this is the lady I had the little sexting session with a week or two ago. 

When my wife was in the ladies room, the friend basically told me not to sweat the small stuff. She had fun and she was perfectly cool with our naughty conversation.  Yes!

We all had beers and chatted and such but during the course of the evening it occurred to me that I really was taken in by the idea of chatting with this lady and not the actual conversation.  This happens. 

After lots of beer, my wife and I made an early exit with the intent of jumping in the hot tub.  When we got home, we both realized we were more into the chat conversation she was having with JD than the hot tub. 

Apparently, Mrs. JD had done the hot tub at their house earlier in the evening and she had consumed enough beer to send herself to an early bedtime coma.  This gave JD plenty of freedom to send cock pics to my wife all evening.  No wonder I had plenty of time to chat with her friend at the night club. 

I’m sure this makes us all sound like pathetic people, but I’ll finish the story anyway. 

My wife and I jumped in bed with the lights on and her phone in camera mode.  For the next twenty minutes, JD sent messages asking her to perform various acts on camera.  And perform we did. 

I so wish I had the pictures but, a) it was her phone and b) they were taken in chat mode. 

I’ll just say that my erection was in great form.  There were pics of her stroking me where for the first time, it occurred to me that my dick is a lot bigger than I imagine it looking down when I pee. 

We sent video of her blowing me and video of me squeezing her nipples as well as me sucking them.  JD was extremely turned on and was responding with images of him stroking his thick cock. 

Eventually my wife held the camera facing her bouncing tits as she rode my dick.  The video was highlighted by her moans as she came all over my exploding cock. 

Within a minute of sending that video, JD responded with a video of him shooting cum all over his hand as he jacked himself.  I guess he was ready. 

Like I say, this blog post would be much better with pics but all I can offer is my memory of a very hot session that I suspect will be repeated. 

Interestingly, my wife went into the filming with strict instructions not to show her face.  But in my drunken and excited state, several of the scenes showed the look of pleasure on her face.  I suggested we try again without her face on camera but she just sent them.  She clearly trusts JD to delete the videos.  Truthfully, he has way more to lose than she does. 

I’ve never gotten off on phone sex, video chats, or that sort of thing but that night I found myself completely turned on. 

The truth is, I was as muched turned on by what my body looked like on these pictures and videos as I was the idea that my nude wife was being sent to her lover in near real time.  The narcissist in me suddenly saw my own cock as manly, as substantive, of something impressive. 

The fact that my wife told me that my cock and my rhythm were superior to JD’s was a surprise and a motivation. 

And I fucked her hard.