Thursday, September 21, 2017

IGHIH: Surprise!

It irritates people who text me but I just always have my phone on silent.  If I happen to look down at my phone when someone sends a message, I see it, if not, I tend to catch it before too long.  When I'm driving, the phone is connected to the vehicle's Bluetooth system, so if someone calls, I'll know.  I tell you this to say that, little did I know, I had a series of images from my wife waiting for me, even as I walked into the door of my house.  I just didn't realize it.

And when I walked in through the garage Wednesday afternoon, I could hear the TV on upstairs and just assumed my wife was up there riding her exercise bike.  I changed out of my work clothes, put on my gym shorts and Nikes, and started to head out to take my afternoon walk when I checked messages.  Holy shit!

This is the only one I can show, but I think the description is clear.  JD had been by earlier and left a calling card in the form of a pearl necklace!

Turns out, he was able to slip by earlier but had to get home before I made it from work, through traffic and back to the house.  My wife told me he waited for me as long as he could.  She was worried I'd be upset that I missed out on the phone but truth is, I enjoy the naughty play caught by the camera just as well.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Strictly Anonymous: Another Reader Here is Interviewed

Hey just a quick note, if you have seen comments here from "bdenied" or checked out his blog that has been around as long or longer than this one, you will want to check out the latest episode of Strictly Anonymous.  This is what the description says:

Jay's wife has multiple lovers and he's not only knows about it, he likes it. When did his wife start looking up with other guys? Does Jay join in or just watch? Is he what they call a cuckold? Does he hook up with other people too? Tune in to find out plus hear all about their experience with swinging and why it's not for them, the threesomes Jay took part in when he was in 5th grade and a whole lot more. And for more of his hot wife/cuckold stories you can check out his blog

Saturday, September 16, 2017


I was in a meeting at a local University the other day when my colleague sent me a text message.  One of the participants had taken a seat two seats away from mine and I kept straining to capture glimpses of her legs, her very form-fitting skirt and when she would stand, her visible panty lines showing her nice ass.
Men are dogs.  We all are.  Even in a professional setting, we are dreaming of fucking you ladies. How do you even put up with us?

Weekend Notes: Neighbor Sees JD Visit...

I think we've worked out an arrangement that allows my wife to see JD a little more routinely than we thought possible during the "near miss" we had with his wife.  If you don't recall, Mrs. JD who is/was unaware that her husband enjoys the friendship and occasional sexual favors of my wife, found an incriminating message on his phone.  The logistics of how that came about are a lesson for any person fooling around, and worth sharing.

JD is normally very smart when it comes to cleaning his tracks.  He deletes all the messages form his phone, uses a spare e-mail account that his wife is unaware of, and for the most part, keeps his eye on his phone.  Of course, Facebook is the devil, and a late night chat using that damn Instant Messenger function that pops-up on your locked screen when you have a message got him busted.  People, turn that shit off.

So it turns out that my wife sent one last naughty message the previous evening but by then, he was already logged out.  The next morning, Mrs. JD sees the random message pop up on phone screen saver and recognizes my wife saying something naughty to him.  That's it, that's all the slip up it takes to get you cheaters caught.

That has been over a month or so ago and the tension has eased up.  JD is being a good boy and his wife has stopped calling him every hour at work to make sure he is where he is supposed to be. And, now he is back into the routine of leaving a little early on an afternoon when he knows his wife is out so it won't be noticed if he gets home a little later than normal.

On Wednesday, I pulled into the driveway and saw two things.  One, JD's truck was parked out front and two, my neighbor and his son were in their driveway detailing their cars.  Oh shit! 

In the moment that this all registered, I made up my mind that if the neighbor were to even mention seeing JD I'd just casually say with a straight face, "Oh, that's her boyfriend."

It's funny how a guy like me gets a semi-hard on from just imagining that conversation. But, the guy looked up from his car, nodded hello and and I nodded back adding a friendly "Howdy".

When I walked in, I hoped to find my wife and JD going at it, but instead, they were both fully dressed sitting at the kitchen bar having drinks and eating chips and queso.  "Is your neighbor still outside?" JD asked.

"He sure is." I responded.

We all laughed and my wife immediately joked that JD should go running out the front door.  I suggested I could chase him out, waving the Glock.  We all got a good laugh but really, who cares.

There was no time for sex and as it turned out, JD had only arrived a few minutes before I did.  We all decided that when he left, my wife and I would both walk out with him and that might dismiss any thoughts the neighbors might have imagined.


Strange that I have become so matter of fact about all this.  That I could be okay with other people knowing.  I think I do a fairly good job of impulse control but there are times when I have those sudden thoughts of revealing too much and regretting it later.  I listened to a podcast the other day Tangentially Speaking with guest Michael Wood. I highly recommend this episode for changing your mindset on crime and the war on drugs and our prison system.

Regardless, in the episode, they talk about impulse control and how sometimes the brain is damaged or chemically altered in a way that changes a person's normal ability to tamp down natural impulses.  Just two examples to point out what I mean.  You are in a verbal argument at work with a colleague.  That person says something really offensive and for a moment, you think, I'd like to strangle that fucker.  But you don't.  Another - say you are at the store and you see a woman with huge tits in a T-shirt, no bra to hold them back.  Let's be honest, male or female, we all have an urge to squeeze them, perhaps even motorboat those puppies.  But we don't.

I've always had my impulses under control, even when drinking.  I don't start fights, I don't grab people's tits, and I don't do stupid things that jeopardize my job.  Well, not a lot anyway.  More and more, I find myself gaming out these things in my mind.  It is like seeing my neighbor outside and immediately deciding, I'm going to tell him JD is the boyfriend.  Why do I get a thrill from the idea of people knowing?  Am I trying to transform societal thinking on the norm of marriage and monogamy?

I'm not a loose cannon.  I do think that more and more, I'm really gaming out these things that on an impulse, I have a desire to do.   I'd love your comments or thoughts.

Friday, September 8, 2017

And Now Comes Irma...

In the olden days before the sophist acted weather technology that allows us to track and predict these things, you would have some religious zealots claiming God was flooding the earth to pay for people playing grab-ass with one another.  Granted, I'm sure there are still those people will blame this all on an act of God for some reason, but regardless, the 24 hour news cycle shows us how this is forming, the science behind it, and thankfully, with enough warning to make the decisions needed to be made when a catastrophe of, well, biblical proportions is bearing down.  

I know of at least one reader here who is getting his family out of harms way and I'm hoping others are heading toward safety.  I have a lot of family right in the path of this one, so if you are the praying type, I'm sure your warm thoughts are welcome.

I probably sound like a dick for even mentioning this in a blog post about so much disaster, but I returned late last night from about 9 days of vacation in a northern state where the temps were quite brisk.  Down here in San Antonio, we live on the very edge of the desert. It is dry and brown most of the time.  Whenever I travel to the east coast or up north, it is so different seeing colors.  Getting up and taking a morning walk with the temperatures under 50 degrees is quite a cool change.

While I've been gone, it was nice to see family, but I have suffered a very work related depression.  No, I'm not fired and I haven't quit my job, I'm just feeling down about things at work and frankly, this is not like me.  I love my job, and I'm the guy who people look at strangely because I look forward to going to work.  I have until Monday to get the fuck over it and get on with life.

For those of you who I e-mail frequently, I hope to get back into my normal routine after this weekend.  In the meantime, be safe, everyone.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Curious Rob on Strictly Anonymous...

I am eager to get my morning drive started so I can start listening to Curious Rob's interview on the Strictly Anonymous Podcast.  You ought to check it out, too.

In the mean time, Rob was kind enough to get the Reddit idea for discussing that podcast going.  You can find Let's Talk Strictly Anonymous Podcast by clicking there and make comments.  It is new so we've only got my interview and Rob's but we'll start adding in more.  In fact, once it gets uploaded, another blogger and correspondent here, bdenied will have his post on the Reddit page.

So, join in the discussion.  And I should also note, so many of you would be an interesting interview.  Just e-mail Kathy K.  I'm sure she'd love to hear your story.

Saturday, August 26, 2017


For those of you who know I post my blog from the greater San Antonio area, I just wanted to let you know - so far, so good.  We can always use the rain, though we don't do well when we get lots of rain.  There simply is no place for the rain to run off, and our major thoroughfares tend to fill up like bath tubs.  Makes driving fun.

The hurricane is creating havoc for those of my friends to the south and east of San Antonio.  From Houston, Galveston, Victoria all the way south to Rockport and  Corpus Christi; lots of flooding.  There has been a steady stream of folks driving into San Antonio for shelter which should make the roads that much funner to navigate.

For now, Internet works!